Business Fest: An Event for Growing Entrepreneurs by A+ Club

Business Fest: An Event for Growing Entrepreneurs by A+ Club
Business Fest: An Event for Growing Entrepreneurs by A+ Club

Business Fest: An Event for Growing Entrepreneurs by A+ Club


On June 21st, the Business Fest organized by the A+ Club Business Accelerator took place at EME Park. The event gathered the most goal-oriented businessmen in the city and served as a platform for experience sharing and networking.


The Business Fest was an exclusive event, accessible only via personally handed invitations, highlighting the invaluable experience shared by the speakers. 

Maxim Malyshov, the founder of Ninja Pizza, was the first to speak. He discussed the development of his business and the importance of personal involvement by the leader. "I left the country and did not fully control the processes, then the business began to decline rapidly," explained the pizzeria's founder. Maxim predominantly shared his tools for adapting in the constantly changing market and the necessity to always keep his finger on the pulse. After his speech, the businessman presented his product by feeding all the guests with pizza.


"The most important thing is not to be afraid; we defined the values of our company and this is one of the main ones," said Dmitry Praded, founder of YobiDoyobi. Currently, the annual turnover of sushi delivery is about 6.5 billion. It's valuable to inherit such significant experience. Dmitry Praded started his franchising block with the phrase: "sell if it sells," a very bold and decisive approach.


The highlight of the evening was an interview with Dmitry Zhurkin, co-owner and creative director of Berrywood Family. Sergey Kim managed to conduct a deep interview within just one hour and uncover the secrets of successful leadership in the restaurant industry and discuss the history of the city's key restaurants. "First comes meaning, then the business model and location," believes Dmitry Zhurkin. Each establishment has its own story and "forms as an event frozen in time." The creative approach and sincere involvement of the leaders are the key to leadership.


Guests were asked to adhere to a white party dress code, while A+ club residents stood out in black. Nikita Blednov, the head of the business accelerator, further highlighted the team: he invited everyone on stage and introduced each to hand out commemorative badges. The club was also presented to other festival participants.

Sergey Kim, the head of the international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP, emphasized the importance of team building and unifying goals within business communities. He noted that leaders also need a community for personal growth outside their companies.


Business Fest also featured projects from the group of companies. 

TIKSAN AUTO, together with partners, organized a zone with a Tesla car. You could look and sit in it. Right at the festival, TIKSAN AUTO specialists advised on purchasing and ordering cars.

Heart of Business is a charitable project of the TIKSAN GROUP. Guests could take photos and help funds by scanning QR codes. We managed to collect a portion of the amount for ramps for the "Step by Step to the Dream" fund and bowls for pets from the "My Dog" fund. It's pleasant to create events for such responsive guests.


Uncovering the leadership code is not simple, but it is this understanding that allows growth and achieving success. Meetings with founders of billion-dollar companies hold great value for developing entrepreneurs. Join the club – move forward!

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